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Well I think the preloader needs to be a bit more obvious that is a preloader...but I'm just a noob I guess...

Well the art style is really fantastic. The animation though is a bit stiff, but that's actually okay so long as you make the animation more dynamic. If you have lots of interesting shots and imagery to go with the music it won't seem like I'm watching a "still" picture. It's difficult for me to explain but I guess to sum it up, if you're going to rely mostly on motion tweens for animating, make sure you have a variety of them. Don't do long takes either, change it up.

Good luck! Hope this was helpful!

cuddlesthemighty responds:

very helpful thanks a lot. LOL about the pre-loader...

A side from what you already said you need to do in your description, you need to put more effort into the delivery of your joke. This could of been funnier if you built it up a bit more like having the stomach rumble a bit and then she stagger around and then suddenly just expand into a fatty.

Just work on your delivery of the joke and the overall quality and you'll be better for it!

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dane450 responds:

:> thanks for the help. 002 will deliver of a joke :>

The art was alright, and the humor was okay at first. But I think this flash went on a little too long for the joke. You could have done a way with the poke battle and probably have been fine. The biggest flaw was the sound. If you could work on clearing up and balancing the audio and work on the timing of your jokes, you'll have a winner!

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Awesome Idea!

You need to take it step further! You can make something truly great with an idea like this!


This pwns peanut butter and choclate....yeah....it's THAT GOOD!

I love the music, and the gameplay is just spot on! I Love it! If this game were a girl,
I wouldn't try dating her, because I KNOW she's out of my league!

Kudos to you man!


This is a beautiful game, it has a cool style, nice sounds, and is probably the most unique and inovative games since...well ever I guess. A few games have only did a small portion of what this game accomplishes. Other words, Perfect!

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Nice but there were some problems. The you need to redo the long draged out "doos" like the one on 00:56. It sounded very off key. I wish you the best of luck dude!

sonicmega responds:

It WAS off key. Good catch XD

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That was an awesome joke. Very original. You sir have been Faved and Fived!


I personally think this is a good picture. However I have to say the Title could be better. It's hard to read and that's something you really want to make as clear as possible for promotional use.

Also a good thing to keep in mind with advertising or promoting is taking into account how a person will scan a pic with their eyes. Most people here will probably look at this pic starting from the upper left, then spiral inward toward the center. Most of your visual elements are in the right places, I recomend that you'd raise the characters behind Meat a bit and move him a little more to the left. That would make the pic easier to look at for most of the audience here.

That's all! Keep'em coming!

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This is a really nice drawing. Very balanced. I absolutely love the coloring. Faved and Fived!

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